Large Ammonite


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Seal intentions of empowerment and balance with this Large Ammonite. With colors from light honey yellow, to deep espresso brown, this is an enchanting piece to add to your crystal collection.

AMMONITE: Balance, Empowerment, Positive Energy

Ammonite has absorbed millions of years of cosmic energy. It is a powerful Earth healing stone, both grounding and protective. It attracts, stimulates, and activates energy, helping to balance body, mind, and spirit, and filtering out all negativity as it passes through the stone's spiral shape. Ammonite increases your stamina and helps alleviate depression. It is a crystal of personal empowerment and wellbeing, good fortune, wealth and happiness.  

Measures approximately 7" x 5 1/2", 700g.

You'll be receiving the Ammonite shown.

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