Lapis Lazuli Pillar


Only 2 pieces in stock!

These Lapis Lazuli pillars stand tall and proud, and they're ready to help you to speak your truth, and to use your intuition! 

More about Lapis Lazuli: Enlightenment, Peace, Awareness
Lapis Lazuli stimulates your personal and spiritual power. A protective, enlightening stone, it opens the third eye and enhances dream work and psychic abilities. It releases stress and channels deep peace. This stone teaches the power of the spoken word, reveals inner truths, and encourages self-awareness and self-expression.

Our photos are representative of the color and quality of the stones. 

There are slight variations in size and shape from pillar to pillar, but the average size of these beauties is: 4 1/2" -to- 5" tall, 130g -to- 150g.

We will work intuitively with the stones to choose the one for you.

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