Labradorite Freeform Offering #8


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This behemoth Labradorite Freeform has a stunning expanse of flash and we love that it represents so many of the wonderful colors that Labradorite has to offer. What we love most about Labradorite, though, is its ability to bring about intuition, wisdom, and a sense of connection to a higher realm. 

Labradorite: Intuition, Spirituality, Wisdom

This is a mystical and protective stone that raises consciousness and connects with universal energies while deflecting negative and unwanted influences. It stimulates intuition, facilitating the art of 'right timing'. Labradorite helps you to access spiritual wisdom and inspires faith in yourself and trust in the universe. It synthesizes the intellect with intuition and is a useful companion in times of change and transformation.

Stone dimensions are approximately 4 3/4" x 5", 1820g.

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