Rough Herkimer Diamonds, Various Sizes


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Calling all makers, artisans and collectors alike! Here's your chance to snag one of our hottest items: Herkimer Diamonds! Whether you're creating your next masterpiece and need a powerful and popular gemstone to work with, or you're simply expanding upon your super dope specimen collection, this is a great opportunity to interact with hand-mined, rough Herkimer in various sizes and very accessible prices. Oh, and those little yellow inclusions qualify them as Golden Healers, too. Such a powerful stone to have! You may get a little buzz holding them.

Herkimer Diamonds are naturally-formed double-terminated quartz crystals. Energetically, they have the same amplifying, healing and spiritual benefits as Quartz Crystal, elevated and concentrated because of the double-termination. So that means they'll pack an extra wollop of power into whatever crystals they are paired with. As a stone of attunement, Herkimers also enhance interpersonal connections and can keep people close, despite physical distance. They are useful allies in seeding, remembering and interpreting dreams.

Size/Weight Approx:

1.3" / 43g
1" / 25g
2" / 40-58g
2" / 65g
1.2" / 26-32g
.8" / 10-15g
.7" / 5-9g
.5" / 1.5g-5g

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