Hematite Pendulum w/ Turquoise Magnesite


This simple yet stunning pendulum is crafted of Hematite, with a chain that is accented with faceted glass beads, and a nugget of turquoise (dyed) Magnesite.

Hematite is a protective stone that harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It grounds the soul. It helps dissolve negativity and blocks negative energy from entering your aura. Hematite promotes the flow of peace, abundance, and fortune. It can aid in concentration, enhance memory and original thought, and help reduce physical pain.

A calming stone that brings comfort and stimulates creativity and imagination, Magnesite helps tune into the energy of your heart's and soul's desires. It aids in acknowledging self worth and finding the path to self esteem and loving yourself. Magnesite helps you live a life aligned with your highest good.

*Measurements are approximately: 1" x 1/2", with a 12" chain.

*Photo is representative. Each piece is naturally unique and sold separately. Rock Mama works intuitively to send the one intended for you. 

*Weight shown upon checkout are approximate and may include the weight of shipping materials.

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