Green Aventurine & Quartz Pendulum


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This is a beautiful gemstone pendulum. The quartz ball and crystal point amplify your intent and the pendulum's responsive energy. The chain is 6" long; the pendulum itself varies dependent on the size of the crystals.

Green Aventurine is a healing stone that attracts prosperity and good fortune. It is a heart healer and comforter that brings a sense of peace and well-being. This stone helps diffuse negative situations and helps turn them around. It encourages good health and positive energy. Green Aventurine helps you heal and protects your heart.

Quartz is a powerful healing stone and energy amplifier. It energizes all levels of consciousness and clears negative energies. The stone is excellent for meditation and enhances communication with the higher self and spirit guides. A reflector of every color of the rainbow, Quartz stimulates, clears and balances all your chakras.

The photos are representative; as with all stones, the colors and exact dimensions will vary; we will work with the stones' inherent wisdom to select the right pendulum for you.

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