Dragon's Blood Jasper Tower


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Fear not! No dragons were harmed in the making of these towers! They're simply called Dragon's Blood because of their dramatic color combination of mossy green and deep, deep red. This stone has a certain fierce energy to it, and it offers a nice little boost of confidence and bravery to help you get through tough days (Like Mondays).

More about Dragon's Blood Jasper:
Balance, Determination, Passion
A protective stone that helps balance mind, body, and spirit. It opens the heart and inspires empathy and compassion for others. It encourages the best possible combination of love and passion. Dragon's Blood Jasper can give you the courage to face difficulties head-on, with honesty, determination, creativity, and practicality.

Each tower is sold separately, and weights and measurements are approximate.

Size 1:  1 1/2" tall, 40g.

Size 2:  2 3/4" tall, 70g.

Size 3:  3" tall, 90g.

Photos are representative of the stones quality and size range. We work intuitively with the ancient knowledge of the stones to choose the one for you.

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