Citrine Double Terminated Point, Medium


These Citrine points have a real presence. Their colors range from pale, sunshine yellow, to a rich amber hue. They are very comfortable to hold and would be excellent for meditation, healing work, or making a grid. Their happy energy is so strong, we bet you you won't be able to keep the smile off your face! 

Citrine is a cleansing stone that carries the power of the sun. It is warming and energizing and never needs cleansing. It transmutes and grounds negative energy and is protective of its environment. This stone helps manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Citrine brings you joy, creativity, and enthusiasm and it facilitates self expression.

~*~These beauties have a few idiosyncrasies that we want to point out. Please see the close up pictures for examples of what may appear to be dings or chips in the stone. These however are nothing more than natural inclusions in the stone and these perceived flaws do not affect the stone's attributes, nor do they lessen its power.

Photos are representative.  Stone dimensions are approx. 3" long, 3/4" wide. Average weight is 50g.

We have found that the crystals themselves know when they are called. With the stone's assistance, we will select the perfect one to send to you.

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