Chevron Amethyst Merkaba - Small


Only 3 pieces in stock!

Let go of things not meant for you with this Chevron Amethyst Merkaba. Merkabas allow us to find balance within our lives and Amethyst is a stone of guidance and decision making.  

Amethyst: Guidance, Protection, Decision Making

Amethyst is a protective stone that transforms negative energy into love, enhances intuition and aids connection to the Divine. It increases peace and serenity and heightens meditation and prayer. This stone promotes love, psychic gifts, and intuitive dreams. Amethyst assists in overcoming addictions and making wise decisions.

Each piece measures approximately:

3/4" x 3/4", 20g.

Photo is representative. Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one intended for you. 

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