Raw Crystal Chakra Collection


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This set of seven raw crystals, aligned by color and energetically to the seven energy centers in our bodies, is excellent for healing, meditation, and helping maintain balance. Couldn't we all use a little more of that these days?

The chakras are an ancient system for understanding and working with the energy centers of your body to bring about profound peace and healing to mind, body and spirit.

This Chakra Collection includes:
GARNET: Strength, Revitalization, Cleanses the chakras
CARNELIAN: Motivation, Creativity, Vitality
YELLOW AVENTURINE: Energy, Prosperity, Leadership
FUSCHITE: Peace, Tranquility, Authenticity
ANGELITE: Compassion, Perception, Speaking Your Truth
LAPIS LAZULI: Enlightenment, Psychic Abilities, Inner Truths
AMETHYST: Spiritual Guidance and Connection, Love, Protection

Photos are a representation of the colors and quality of the stones. Each set is unique, and sold separately. Rock Mama will work intuitively to choose the perfect one for you.

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