Carved Bone Skull Mala Necklace


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Power exudes this Bone Skull Mala. Set aside for your special intentional work, this is a unique piece. Little carved bone skulls make up the beads on this mala. A bright tuft of crimson thread finishes it off.

Let's nerd out a moment on the historical and spiritual origins of a Mala garland, shall we?

In addition to their practical use as an aide in recitation, malas have traditionally been imbued with additional spiritual qualities. Different materials may be ascribed the power to help with different practical or spiritual problems, and the mala itself may be ascribed talismanic characteristics. In some traditions, malas are consecrated before use in a manner similar to images of deities, through the use of mantras, dharani, or the application of pigment. Popular folk tales may describe malas as 'storing' the power of many recitations.

Size/Weight Approximation: 

16" / 50g

Photo is representative. Rock Mama works intuitively to send the one intended for you.

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