Black Moonstone Palm Stone


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Ease yourself through new beginnings with this Black Moonstone palm stone. Black Moonstone is perfect for new journeys or developing new, better habits. It also helps with healing deep emotional wounds. 

Moonstone: Intuition, Dreams, New Beginnings

Moonstone is known as the "stone of new beginnings." A deeply feminine stone, it opens the mind to serendipity and synchronicity. This stone helps release old patterns and offers deep emotional healing. Moonstone is connected to the moon and the natural cycles of change. It promotes intuition, empathy, and a sense of calm.

Black Moonstone has all of the properties of Moonstone, with an extra focus on New Moon energy, or the beginning of things. This is a great stone to bring out at the start of any new endeavor, new relationship, or a new pregnancy. Black moonstone is also very protective, deflecting negative energy, and transforming them back to light. 

Each piece measures approximately:

2.5" x 2", 150g -to- 180g

Photo is representative. Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one intended for you. 

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