Aura Citrine Power Point- Offering #2


This healing crystal Aura Citrine power point is fantastic for Zodiac signs Gemini, Leo, and Aries. Citrine brings about energy, joy, and prosperity and the Aura finish brings faith and hope. The rainbow shimmer with the deep yellow and orange colors is heavenly and the power point shape is ideal for focusing energy.

Citrine: Energy, Prosperity, Joy

Citrine is a cleansing stone that carries the power of the sun. It is warming and energizing and never needs cleansing. It transmutes and grounds negative energy and is protective of its environment. This stone helps manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Citrine brings you joy, creativity, and enthusiasm and it facilitates self expression.

Angel Aura: Hope, Faith, Joy

Angel Aura has an uplifting energy that brings peace and healing to the spirit. It can attract angelic helpers and increases our ability to have faith and positive expectation.

Hand shown for scale. This piece measures approximately: 4" across, 630g

You will receive the exact item pictured.

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