Aquamarine Necklace


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All aboard! We're smooooth sailing, and this Aquamarine necklace collection is making it magical. Each pendant is beautifully set in Sterling Silver and comes with an 18" Sterling chain, ready to wear. Aquamarine is a calming, cleansing stone that attracts positive energy.

More about Aquamarine: Harmony, Spirituality, Positivity
A cleansing stone that calms and quiets the mind. It helps overcome judgment and helps you break out of old self-defeating behavior patterns. This stone promotes positive self-expression and tolerance of others. It invokes higher states of spiritual awareness. Aquamarine shields you from negativity while attracting positive energy.

*Measurements are approximate. Each pendant sold separately and comes with an 18" sterling chain.

Option 1: 2cm
Option 2: 2x1cm
Option 3: 3.5x2cm
Option 4: 3x2cm

*Weights shown upon checkout are approximate and may include the weight of shipping materials.

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