Aqua Aura Quartz Pendant


Only 2 pieces in stock!

We're excited to share our latest jewelry find with you: Aqua Aura pendants!

They are so fun and summery, and their cool blue hues bring an easy breezy vibe to any outfit you wear them with. Throw one on your favorite chain or cord for a wearable way to boost your self-expression.

Aqua-Aura Crystal
Communication, Self-Expression, Change
A protective stone that cleanses and calms. The color is created by bonding the crystal with titanium by exposing it to heat and light. It encourages open communication from the heart and aids with self-expression. Aqua-Aura frees you from limitations and helps you create space for new things in your life.

Each pendant is highly unique, varying in both size and shape. We work intuitively with the stones wisdom to choose the perfect one for you.

Pendant size ranges from 1" -to- 1 1/2" long.

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