Angel Aura Cluster


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This batch of Angel Aura Quartz has our wings a-flutter! Invite this stone into your space to help give you calming and confidence to tackle the day. 

More about Angel Aura Quartz: Peace, Healing, Confidence
Angel Aura Quartz promotes feelings of self worth and confidence. It can help you release negativity from your mind and life. Angel Aura Quartz helps heal your aura and old emotional wounds. It promotes a deep sense of peace and safety.

*Hand shown for scale. Measurement is approximate.

Cluster 1: 3" x 2"
Cluster 2: 2" x 2"
Cluster 3: 2" x 2"
Cluster 4: 3" x 2.5"
Cluster 5: 3" x 2"

*Weight shown upon check-out is approximate and may include the weight of shipping materials.

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