Dark Green Burmese Jade Bracelet, 8mm


These Burmese Jade bracelets are the most sumptuous shade of dark green! Jade is a wonderful stone for bringing about good luck and fortune. Allow one of these bracelets to instill in you the drive to achieve all of your dreams.

Jade: Good Fortune, Love, Happiness

Jade is a protective stone that offers serenity, love, and nurture. It aids in self-sufficiency, stimulating the mind and simplifying complex tasks. It helps calm the nervous system and channel passion and creativity. Jade is a highly auspicious stone that attracts good fortune and wealth and can bring you a long, healthy and happy life.

Each bracelet fits an approximately 7" wrist. 
Beads are 8mm round.

Photos are representative of the color and quality of the stones. Each bracelet is naturally unique and sold separately. Rock Mama works intuitively to choose the one for you. 

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